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It’s that time of year again when Cupid shoots you with one of his love arrows. I mean, of all the things that would make me fall in love with that special someone, an arrow through the heart? That would just plain hurt. Ouch! I’d rather not be shot with one of your love arrows, Cupid. As I walk around during Valentine’s week, all I see is hearts, roses, and couples. There’s no place for a single guy, like me, in any of that stuff. I mean, how does a single guy even celebrate Valentine’s Day? Am I supposed to go to the Valentine’s Dance by myself? You know what, I think I’ll just chill in my room and watch a movie with friends. If I was able to celebrate this holiday with my special someone, I would go on a date. However, I don’t have any good ideas for dates, so I asked some students on campus about their favorite dates on Valentine’s Day.

Dorian Atkins expressed his views on unforgettable dates, “When I’m in New York, my favorite date idea for Valentine’s Day, is going to Central Park and walking around.  I want to say it’s a lot of fun just to get to know a person and feel romantic with them. There are a bunch of things going on in Central Park and there are always shows to watch.  There’s always parties, great places to hang out, or just to go visit.  There are historical buildings that are always fun to check out. Central Park is my go to spot if I had to go back to New York with a date.” He also explained, “For my on-campus dates I like to stargaze near the gatehouse and on the bluffs, have a picnic on the lawn near Ellistoun, have dinner on the chapel green, write a short story together, cook dinner together, watch the movie, or go on a long walk on campus.” Dorian, wouldn’t we all want to go to New York? It’s incredible how much there is to do!

Gavin Goodsell voiced his appreciation of remarkable dates, “We like to have movie dates in our dorm rooms. We get takeout from China King in Alton and bring it back. We like to go on nature-walk dates where we walk on the trails around Principia. We like to go down to St. Louis and go to The Loop. We also go to Savannah’s house and walk the dogs.”

The most splendid times we have, can be the easiest to pull off. With these ideas, you can go with confidence that you will have a great date, with your “special someone”. Also, I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day, regardless if you have a “special someone” or not.