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After student candidates spent time speaking to students in the Pub on the evening of Thursday, February 4, they gave the microphone to students who had questions for the candidates to answer.

Senior Kenny D’Evelyn (top left), pointing out that the candidates were running on a Christian Science campus, was curious to know how they would apply Christian Science to their positions.

Student Body President Candidates
Student body president candidates answer questions - photo / Benjamin Chernivsky

Some poised, some stuttering, some looking at their partner for agreement: all the candidates’ responses discussed the importance of prayer in their leadership positions. (Left, from left: juniors Dani Corbitt and Ron Meyer, juniors Laura Buchanan and Esteban Xifre, sophomores Austin Kingsbery and Grace Hathaway)

Other questions focused on how candidates felt about their role as enforcing the moral decisions of students on campus (“We’re not a police force,” Hathaway answered, “we’re here to represent the student body”), and what the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses are (strengths: ability to listen, diversity and background, enthusiasm; weaknesses: opinionated, being wired, disagreement).

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