In past years, The Pilot has had a section titled “Metaphysical,” which housed articles about Christian Science and personal essays regarding people’s experiences with Christian Science healings and discoveries. 

At The Pilot, we are always trying to self-examine and make sure we are doing the best job we can, with the goal of supporting a strong, honest, and empathetic Principia community. With this in mind, we have decided that the “metaphysical” section needs an update. Here is what the new section will look like:

We are changing the name from “Metaphysical,” to “Religion & Spirituality.” This change is made to open the door for broader conversation about religion and spirituality within the Principia community. There has always been variance in Principians’ religious beliefs, but since the official opening of the school to non Christian Scientists, the range of religious beliefs has exponentially grown. As covered in the September 23, 2022 issue of The Pilot, 55% of the 96-person incoming class are New Market (non Christian Science or Legacy) students. With these numbers in mind, we feel it is time to open the “Metaphysical” section to be a space for interreligious stories, perspectives, and conversations. These can be both ecumenical (among Christians) or interfaith (among people of different faiths),

Christian Science and “metaphysical” articles are still completely welcome. This change is not to exclude Christian Science from this space, but rather to welcome other viewpoints and practices as well. We at The Pilot are looking forward to reading and sharing submissions from the public that will foster open religious and spiritual conversations in our community as we aim to foster connection.


The Pilot Team