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By Paige Lesko

With Christmas Day rapidly approaching, finding the “perfect gift” is the hot topic on most people’s minds. What should you get all the cherished but odd, picky, lavish, bold, and practical people in your life? This carefully-selected range of gifts can help you in your attempt to satisfy everyone on your list.

All products can be found in stores and online at Nordstrom.

Winter Hats and Scarves

What a versatile gift for your most practical friend! Nothing says “practical” more than classic pieces like these that will keep your friend warm through this holiday season.

Price: $19 (beanie), $28 (scarf)

For your bold friends, give them something practical that is just as edgy! This trendy cheetah fur beanie makes a statement and is oh-so warm!

Price: $25


For your picky friends, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity of a fuzzy sweater. This look is simple yet stylish enough to turn heads at those holiday parties.

Price: $35


For your friend that prefers to stand out in the crowd, nothing demands attention more than some stunning resin earrings! These captivating dangles are beautiful works of art that are sure to compliment your masterpiece of a friend.

Price: $22

Hair Wear

For your trendy friend, try these snatched barrettes and saucin’ scrunchies that are sure to increase their TikTok following.

Price: $18
Price: $19


And finally, for that fancy friend who thinks that a “Secret Santa” gift is a trip Neiman Marcus, try these charming faux leather satchels to carry their books across campus. Sometimes, big things come in big packages.

Price: $58