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In today’s music world, it is hard to find a really good rapper amidst all the amateurs. Thanks to the Internet, music spreads easily and everyone thinks they can become a YouTube sensation. Clearly though, having a webcam and a guitar doesn’t define how great of a musician you are.

With that said, Donald Glover has surpassed expectations of becoming a YouTube virtuoso and has actually made a life and career out of it. Originally starting from a comedy base, Glover was a member of the sketch group Derrick Comedy, which eventually landed him a gig writing for NBC’s “30 Rock.” He had his own stand-up comedy show, a movie titled “Mystery Team” and most notably played the character Troy on the hit TV show “Community.”

Now Glover has an alter ego that has become bigger than Glover himself. I’m talking about Childish Gambino, soon to be your favorite rapper. You may not know it yet, but just wait and see.

Gambino began his career in 2008 with a mixtape titled “Sick Boi.” He didn’t really explode onto the music scene until his first studio album, “Camp.” This was when he really transformed from rapper to storyteller. “Camp” began a story that Gambino is still telling through his work today.

Gambino’s most recent album, released in December, entitled “Because the Internet,” continues the story that began with “Camp.” Gambino’s album, “Because the Internet” has tremendous complexity and multiple layers that must be unpacked to be understood. The album has 19 tracks, and is so much more than just an album. I like to call it an art project because of the many facets that went into making this album.

If making an album and collaborative short film, plus various music videos, wasn’t enough, Gambino wrote a 75-page screenplay to accompany “Because the Internet.” With the screenplay, Gambino also created short silent videos to watch while his fans listen and read the screenplay. If you are interested in immersing yourself in this musical adventure, you can go to

So do these facts make Childish Gambino your favorite rapper? If they don’t, go see him on his tour for further confirmation. The closest he will be to Elsah is Chicago, but it will be worth it. He even has an app designed to use specifically for his concerts!

Image courtesy of Julia Suber