Chronicle of a Gay Rights Activist

As this is my last Pilot article of my college career, I feel the need to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have been a columnist these past few years. I extend warm thanks to my first upperclassman house roommate, Abby Becker. She was the co-editor in chief of this fine publication in 2007, and without her coaxing I never would have realized how much I enjoy journalism. Thank you to all who have read and appreciated my column. I cannot tell you how my heart swells when people tell me how they have laughed, thought, or considered vegetarianism because of my column. Writing for the Pilot is one of many, many blessings I will have to count as I look back on college. Principia is an excellent institution academically, artistically, and socially. However, for all that is grand about Principia, I would like to spend my last article reflecting on one thing I wish might have looked different by the time I graduated: the homosexuality policy.