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Mackenzie Talcott


My first semester of college, I had a roommate who would sleep late and take naps constantly.  So when I wanted her to get up, I would pop popcorn in our (her) microwave and then pretend like I was surprised the noise woke her.

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I once had a roommate who would burp every five minutes. NOT an exaggeration. Not small burps either, like big burps. So in return, I would turn the lamp clipped to my bed frame (I was top bunk) on and off over and over while it was faced at her and say “nighttime — DAYTIME… nighttime — DAYTIME”. This continued for three months… #imanadult #notbitter #shewaschillthough



In high school, we had 5 room changes a year.  One year, I had the same roommate for 3 room changes. This girl hated math with a fiery passion, so NATURALLY, she was in AP calc. Every night, she would sit on her exercise ball at her desk for hours and swear at her math homework. She was such a funny and sweet person, but when she was doing math, her Mr. Hyde came out. I couldn’t tell you how many times she threw her book on the floor… I would throw pillows at her and make her laugh so that she would come back to reality and I’d give her food to calm her down. #roommategoals #shewasawesome #butcrazy



So, freshman year I lived with two other girls in a triple. Our room was relatively small and we had to bunk our beds in order to fit everyone. Since I arrived last to school, I was stuck with the top bunk against the wall. Little did I realize, this was a blessing in disguise! About halfway through the semester, I woke up in the middle of the night and when I hopped off my bed, I didn’t see my bottom “bunk buddy.” I thought that was a bit odd since she was always in the room. I was too tired to really think about it further so I grabbed some water and headed back to sleep. The morning came and my other roommate and I went to class and came back. Still, our third roommate was gone. We had no idea where she went! We started to get worried until one moment, when we were both silent, we heard a breathing (almost snoring) sound coming from behind the bed. We followed the sound and crawled over her bed to find her deep in sleep on the FLOOR against the wall. She had fallen off her bunk in the middle of the night, not even realizing it! She was totally fine, and the funny part was, that wasn’t the last time it happened during the semester!

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“Weird Roommates”
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