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A native of Severna Park, Maryland, Kent Heckel is a full-time college student majoring in Mass Communication with a focus on YouTube. “So yes I am a YouTube Major, My assignments instead of being on the history of advertising in the newspaper industry are about the history of advertising on YouTube.” writes Heckel.

“Creative expression has been a big part of my life.  A family rule was having “something artistic” for every sport.  Alongside practices for soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, I spent my childhood singing, dancing and I’ve lived “High School Musical”.  My school’s “Rock & Roll Revival” has made national news!”

Heckel adds, “My Daily college YouTube channel is something that has grown to be a part of me. I make videos every day to inspire people to be better. My ultimate goal is to inspire you so much that you actually have to stop watching my videos because you are outside living your life so full! I am proud of my college YouTube channel whether you are a graduate, high schooler, or current college student you will love my vlogs!”

Here is a link to Heckel’s vlogs so you too can love them:

Image courtesy of Kent Heckel