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Do you ever have those midday snack craves? The kind of crave that packaged food won’t satisfy? Never fear! Although it may seem tempting to reach for another Clif Bar, there are many creative alternatives that students are discovering using their imagination and the options available in the scramble room.

The scramble room is well-equipped with pretty much any ingredients you need to please your palate. “There are a lot of different options,” executive chef Trey McCartt said. “You’re only limited by your imagination.” Students can take advantage of anything they find whether it is from the salad bar or from the pasta station. McCartt elaborated on the plethora of options. Soups can be transformed into stews. Pita pizzas can be created from marinara sauce and pita, along with a wide selection of toppings. Even salads can be upgraded into five-star meals. “If you can take a hold of it, you can have it,” McCartt said.

When it comes to creative food choices, cashier Tanya Ferguson has seen it all. Among the strangest things she’s seen was a sandwich consisting of white bread, butter, cucumbers and beets. Generally, students opt for the quick grab-and-go packaged snacks like yogurt, Naked Juice and trail mix.

Here are some additional recipes you might want to try at your next meal.

(1) Grilled cheese | Does it get any better? The basic variety of bread includes white, wheat, wheat berry and a homemade option. Melt in a slice or two of cheddar, swiss, pepper jack or American for a delightful medley of toasty goodness. Accompanied by the soup of the day, this is a perfect way to satisfy those taste buds. Make it gourmet by experimenting with the homemade bread, various cheeses, and even add some vegetables. The tomato foccacia and two slices of cheddar is also recommended. Toast it in the panini press until well-melted, and enjoy with a cup of tomato bisque soup.

(2) Wraps | Tortillas, often overlooked, have unlimited possibilities. Their use goes beyond quesadillas. Combine the salad of the day, hummus or ranch, and avocado. Think of it as DIY-Chipotle. You won’t need too much of any ingredient, keeping in mind that they will be combined in the middle of your tortilla, which will need to be skilfully folded to bundle everything up. Toast it briefly in the panini press.

(3) Stuffed avocado | This is a seasonal favorite. Slice the avocado in half, and remove the pit. Mix the cheese, salsa and ranch in a separate bowl for the stuffing. Melt the cheese combination in the microwave for 30 seconds, and spoon into the avocado as desired.

(4) Waffles with a twist | Waffles are delicious, but soggy waffles can put a damper on your enjoyment. Junior Daniel Pyle adopted a unique solution: use yogurt instead of syrup. Pyle cannot remember when he started this combination but said, “I think I learned it from my grandpa.” There are many different flavors of yogurt to experiment with, such as peach, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. Chocolate chips, Oreos and fresh fruit are also great choices to top a waffle.

(5) Froyo shakes | Why wait in line at the Pub when you can easily make your own shake in a fraction of the time? Ferguson observed a student trend of combining Naked Juices with frozen yogurt to make quick, nutritional smoothies. Ferguson also has seen combinations with orange Fanta and soy milk.