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Fashion Times

Bryce Murray, Fashion Reporter

With a winter that feels more like a cool spring, you may not know what to wear in order to cool off or keep warm. When it is too warm to wear your favorite puffer jacket and too cold to sport a skirt or shorts, what do you wear? This article will answer that question by sharing how to dress for the indecisive weather, stay comfortable, and still look fresh.

New York Fashion Week displays modern and practical options during their fashion show between February 9th-16th. The main events highlight different designers’ Fall 2017 lineups. However, many stars and prominent designers wear pieces that reflect the current change in weather and the desire to be comfortable.

Notable designers are ditching extreme and flashy for comfortable and practical., a leading website in fashion and design, emphasizes the popularity of topcoats. People everywhere are sporting tan topcoats with either a turtle neck sweater and jeans or leggings and thicker dresses. This not only looks good, but it is also practical and versatile as it is comfortable and cozy no matter the weather.

To make things a little more edgy, opt for a pair of leather or more college-friendly pleather pants. Top it all off with a nice pair of ankle boots and the outfit is ready for a regular day of classes or a nice night out.  

   Another material that redefines fashion is denim. Designers like Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham incorporate denim into almost all of their Spring 2017 products, including pants, jackets and even ball gowns. This is because denim is so versatile and practical. Jeans come in a variety of fits, colors and styles to meet the needs of everyone, while remaining incredibly comfortable.

Skinny and slim-fitting jeans are another popular denim trend. Models everywhere are wearing skinny jeans that have been stressed or ripped in some way to spice up their look. Supermodel Gigi Hadid is a pro at using stressed denim in her everyday fashion. She mostly wears blue, distressed jeans, oversized sweaters, and white Reebok sneakers or ankle boots that create a modern chic look.

These fashion trends also appeal to gentlemen. GQ magazine, a men’s publication about style, grooming, and other manly topics, has a lot in common with Elle when it comes to fashion. Jeans are an essential part to any guy’s wardrobe, especially during the colder days of February and March.

Shoes are also a necessity to any fashionable wardrobe. TOMS shoes paired with skinny jeans and a retro style t-shirt create a vintage, minimalist look. To avoid soaking TOMS during rainy weather, opt for a pair of desert or combat boots that will also add edge to the outfit.

Another item coming into style is what is referred to as the ‘Grandpa Sweater.’ This is, essentially, a halfway button-up cardigan. This gives a guy a gentlemanly and sophisticated look. If you have money to spare, buy one made of cashmere and put it with a pair of Michael Bastian jeans for a look that’s truly stylish and comfortable.

However, believe it or not, sweats can replace jeans as a unique alternative. GQ explains that only slim fit and trim sweatpants can be worn stylishly though.

In both men’s and women’s fashion worlds, it is a must to own a stylish topcoat simply because it can be worn with anything. A topcoat with a t-shirt and sweatpants underneath is the perfect way to get away with being fashionably lazy in public. Pair this with some favorite comfortable shoes and the outfit is all set.

With the rollercoaster of changing weather conditions and college students’ desire to remain comfortable, it is difficult to plan what to wear. The examples above will hopefully spark your creative side to help you decide what to search for in those early-morning closet rummages.


Image courtesy of Fashion Times