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Sustainability: Can Principia Become the “No Impact Community?”

Efforts to save a planet in peril are in top gear, and at the helm of this noble undertaking is Steve Ward, Director of the Center for Sustainability. On May 5, the College was graced by the presence of Colin Beavan, the “No Impact Man.” During his talk in Wanamaker, Beavan shared his ideas on living sustainably. By the way, did you know that meat consumption produces more greenhouse gases than all modes of transport combined? This is just one of many things Beavan shared with Principia in his time on campus.

Additionally, the sustainability logo contest is now in its evaluation stage. Another big project is the intent to begin glass recycling in the near future. As Ward and other friends of the planet dedicate their time to saving the environment, they need all of us to join in. Here is just one way you can show your support: ensure that all lights in classrooms and dorm rooms are turned off when no longer needed. According to Ward, this is one of the most basic and most effective ways for the Principia community to save energy.

10th Anniversary of Plus One Concert

Some of Principia’s premier music talent was on display May 28 in the Black Box Theater. Members of Plus One, the only co-ed and longest standing a capella group on campus, worked hard all quarter to get their act right, since this particular event marked the 10th anniversary of the group. Music lovers on campus were in for a treat when they sat down for this particular performance. In the days leading up to the concert, freshman Ashley Reisen said, “I cannot wait to participate in the event.” The May 28 event will be followed by another performance on June 3.

Toms Shoes: A Simple Way to Lend a Hand and Touch a Soul

Sophomore Shannon Briggs has been reaching out to students to ask for support for TOMS Shoes, a company that matches every pair of shoes purchased with a second pair, which is then sent to a needy child. The buyer also gets a discount for his or her pair. Briggs is the company’s representative at the College, a job she said she loves. “I’d love to work for the company after school,” said Briggs. TOMS Shoes has reached out to countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and to children within the US. In fact, Briggs will be taking shoes to twenty foster kids in the St. Louis area in the next few days. Students interested in supporting the TOMS initiative can get in touch with Briggs, use the special Principia promotional code, and help a needy child in a Cambodian slum protect his or her feet from rusty nails and the elements. And it’s okay if you can’t buy a pair, because there are other ways to address this issue. In Briggs’ words, “It doesn’t have to be money; fifteen minutes of thought is enough.”

The Pioneer Principia Golf Tournament

As its organizer, senior Ben Kniola was at the center of Principia’s first-ever campus golf tournament on Saturday, May 21. Ten people attended the event, and a few visitors took part. There were eighteen holes spanning from the Chapel to Cox Cottage, the gatehouse to the observatory, and from Buck House to Brooks. Four people finished the course, with junior Tim Dixon emerging victorious. Freshman Garrett Fielding, Reid Charlston and senior Ryan Hichens were the other three who managed to finish the course. The “golf ice” has been broken, and it is now up to community members to keep golf rolling on the green. The Pilot salutes Dixon for his victory and the others for participating.

The Flying Saucers! Frisbee Tournament on the 28th of May

Saturday, May 28, was a red-letter day for Principians. In addition to the Plus One Concert, the 14th annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament took place on the Chapel Green. Four matches were held in the morning so as to sift through the teams and yield those that would sail into the semi-finals, which were played in the afternoon. The finals took place at night on the same day. Senior Will Crowley was one of the players who especially looked forward to taking part in the tourney. The excitement in his voice as he was interviewed for the Pilot confirmed how much he was looking forward to playing. “I eat and sleep Frisbee,” added Crowley.

Cox Cottage Update

Come see a brighter, more colorful Cox Cottage!  After some great student input, we have added softer blankets and new colors to all our rooms in Cox Cottage.  With beautiful views and a quiet, uplifting atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for rest and study.  And, yes, the wonderful Christian Science nursing care still comes with smoothies!  Please call first to make sure we are in the building; when not needed, we love being out in the community sharing in the activities and events.  Our cell phones are always with us, so don’t hesitate to press 0# if you get our voicemail.  Please, only emergency calls at night.

(courtesy of Cox Cottage)

Semester Transition Changes to Dining Services

  1. Student Dining: New Hours of Operation Monday – Friday
  • Starting Fall 2011: Open at 7:30am and closed at 7:30pm with continuous service.

The new hours will offer more options and flexibility to accommodate busy schedules with no set lunchtime block and later afternoon activities. Hot food entrées and accompaniments will continue to be served for breakfast from 7:30am-9:30am, lunch from 11:30am-1:30pm (Quiet Time or CSO Block time permitting), and dinner from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Dining Services will not be open or serve during Quiet Time or CSO/CS Block time. There will be continental breakfast options from 9:30am until 11:00am, including the regular grab-and-go items and “make your own” Belgian waffles. From 1:30pm until 5:30pm, there will be hot soup, a reduced salad bar selection, and the deli-bar for sandwiches/panini items. Also, the Grill Call pasta station will remain open serving pasta to order with a selection of sauces, grilled chicken breasts, rice and beans.

  1. Piasa Pub: Hours of Operation Monday – Friday Evening
  • Starting Fall 2011: Opens at 7:30pm

There will be no time gap for a dinner meal option. Now, when the Student Dining Room finishes serving the dinner meal and closes its doors at 7:30, there will immediately be an open option for purchasing dinner.

(courtesy of Dining Services)