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RC Changes in the Men’s Houses

Jonathan “J.D.” Daugherty, the current Resident Counselor (RC) of Lowrey, will be transferring to Buck House at the end of the school year.  The former RC of Buck, Garry Sprague, resigned earlier this quarter.  Brandon Frank, the Director of Owatonna, has been filling in while he was on campus to prepare for the upcoming Japan abroad, for which he will be the RC on in the fall.  J.D. and his family will be moving into Buck over the summer, and Lowrey is currently in the process of searching for a replacement for their long-time RC.  Lowrey will also be temporarily moving to Clara McNabb for fall quarter while their house undergoes Life Safety renovations.

Publishing Good

Junior Matt Donatelli has founded a non-profit organization called Publishing Good with his close friend David Denninger, an Upper School alumnus from the class of 2005.  Publishing Good is a website platform aimed at broadcasting the positive effects that the United States armed forces and non-profit organizations are having around the world. The plan to create an interactive map that will allow potential donors to donate to organizations that are doing good work.

When asked about the beginnings of his organization, Donatelli said, “David called me and said, I have this great idea.  You’re the first person I thought of to help me make it work, and that’s how it all began.”  As far as the name Publishing Good, Donatelli said, “It was just there.  It was the idea.” The organization took off immediately, raising $837 in the first eight days. They’re currently working on obtaining non-profit status, and are raising money to support the development of their website. For more information check out

Peace and Conflict Tackles Domestic-International Relations

Billy Miller’s Peace and Conflict class has been working this quarter to tackle one particular issue on campus.  As senior David Miller, one of the students in the class, put it, the goal of the various programs are, “to raise consciousness about the problem of alienation between domestic and international students on campus.” Through a variety of projects, including the story sharing that took place Tuesday night in the Pub and the large racial discrimination sign in the dining room, students are aiming to stir up awareness regarding relations among the diverse student body on campus.  As Miller said, the goal is to “bridge gaps in understanding and promote basic knowledge about where people are coming from.”

Upcoming Events

The end of the quarter is packed with upcoming events.  Tomorrow, Saturday, will be an athletic day filled with the ultimate Frisbee tournament, the second annual Escape to the Bluffs triathalon, and the Rumpus/Luau in the evening.  The Senior Sale will also be taking place Saturday afternoon out on the Chapel Green. The awards ceremony will be held on Monday, and Baccalaureate, a program of speeches by four seniors who have been selected by their peers, will be held next Saturday.