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While working on this photo story, I thought a lot about personality: What could I show in one photo to convey as much information as possible about a person’s identity? A person’s room can provide insight into somebody’s life, at least for that moment. As you all know, rooms can change rapidly due to who’s coming over in five minutes, or if you have a 50-page paper due this week. One thing I focus on in these photos is decoration. Some people go all out with wall decorations and lights. Just looking at the walls of their room, one can tell that freshmen Rickie Griffin and Carrie Clayton put effort into making their room look good. It doesn’t stop at the walls; for Rickie, lighting seemed important. Lights and lamps of many colors and sizes hang from the shelves or sit on her desk, giving their room a comfortable feel. Their room also features creative additions to their mirror.

Other decorations provide memories of abroad experiences. Seniors Jeff Strickland and Erik Siegling decorated their room in a style that resembles a Buddhist Stupa commonly found in Nepal. Jeff also has a giant splatter painting hanging on his wall, which adds a welcoming touch.

In yet another “cool crib,” junior Tim Dixon and senior Ben Kniola have created a comfortable place complete with a table, chairs, and a bowl of fresh kiwi. They also decorated their room with various flags and a plant. Some people prefer to decorate their rooms with functional things. Ken Baughman, Kyle Katz, Tim Drysdale, and I decorated our room with a wide variety of teas. No matter how you decide to set it up, your room is a place for expression. Keep in mind, next year with the switch to semesters, students will only have two rooms instead of three, so make sure you like where you live!

Photos courtesy of Rigel Valentine