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Hi Students,

We hope that everyone’s Fall Quarter is going well and that you are getting a chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful and warm fall weather!

Change is certainly in the air this Fall at Prin!  Next year marks our first year in semesters, so lots of smaller changes are in the works that go along with this transition.  There’s one big one for Student Government, and it’s about the timing of the all-campus elections.

Normally the all-campus Student Government elections happen Winter Quarter.  Seeing as there is no Winter Quarter under semesters, Presidential Board and the Student Activities Board voted to have elections at the end of Spring Semester so that the elected officials would be in office for a school year.  We’re excited about all of the new ideas that Student Government can take on under semesters!

One question remains:  what does that mean for elections this year?  Well, as far as your house boards go, that’s up to your President.  Some houses are going to hold elections Winter Quarter, and some will wait until Spring Quarter.  The all-campus elections, however, will all be held in the middle of Spring Quarter so that the new officers do not have to serve under both quarters and semesters but can put all of their energy into getting off on the right foot in the new semester system.  We encourage everyone to think about running for these elected offices!

On a different note, we’d like to invite you all to a special program Thursday of Week 7 at 9pm, which will be held in Wanamaker Hall. It will be a students-only meeting to think deeper about the Code of Conduct as it relates to our community. It will be an open and safe environment in which to discuss the “tough issues”, which so often seem to be too dificult to address. We encourage you all to come and join the conversation. Everyone’s contributions are key to create a better Principia!

It’s going to be a great year, both for Student Government and for the entire student body.  Have a great rest of your quarter!

Laura and Esto
Student Body Presidents