Nostalgia is an interesting thing. As graduating seniors, we are often asked to reflect on the past four years and impart wisdom to our younger peers. Professors, friends and family members are eager to hear our plans for this upcoming fall. No matter what our responses to questions about the future and the past, it seems presumptuous to assume that we already understand and have the ability to articulate the full value of our Principia education. We can feel confident that our chosen majors have equipped us with basic skills of communication and competence and that living in a community of Christian Scientists has affected the way we handle adversity. However, we cannot yet fathom the lessons that will unfold in the weeks, months and years following graduation.

As representatives of the Pilot, we hope to transition into the real world with an appreciation for advocacy and critical thinking.  We believe our professors have fostered within us a love for learning that will carry us through all future pursuits. We appreciate our outstanding abroad programs, which have encouraged us to develop a strong worldview. We remember the host of speakers who have urged Principia audiences to get up and get involved and promote worthy causes. These memories make the prospect of watching our futures unfold all the more exciting.

Principia has been a great community to serve for the past four years, and we are exceedingly grateful to all who have helped us along the way. Thank you to our wonderful staff who write, take photos and design for the magazine, and a special thanks to those dedicated few who stay up until 7 a.m. finalizing the layout or have had to leave Pilot Night “early” for an ornithology class bird walk at 6 a.m. We would also like to thank our dedicated and insightful faculty advisor Paul Van Slambrouck and our College President Dr. Jonathan Palmer for their input and guidance.

Of course, the work we do would not be possible without this community’s support and receptivity. Thank you to those who have selflessly given their time to help our publication with interviews, letters to the editor, creative submissions, and more.

We would also like to take this opportunity to formally introduce the incoming Pilot editorial staff for the 2012-2013 academic year. Vincent Herr will serve as Managing Editor, with Ben Frederick as Assigning Editor, Liza Hagerman as Production Editor, Stuart Foti as Design Editor and Kelsy Brawn as Photo Editor. We have been in close contact with this group for the past several weeks and we look forward to seeing the fruitage of their efforts in the fall.

Peace out, Principia.  It’s been real.

Maija Baldauf and Ken Baughman