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Dear Community, you are wonderful.

Many thanks to those of you who wrote to us to challenge our scant reporting of the circumstances that led to Craig Savoye’s departure from Principia. The Pilot is bound by legal contracts signed by the Principia Corporation. We could have done a better job of making this legal restriction clear. In the case of this story, such a legal agreement limited us to the few words we printed on the matter. We apologize to those of you for whom this coverage is unsatisfactory. We continue to do our best to bring you balanced and comprehensive coverage of significant events at Principia. I encourage those of you who are interested to seek answers for yourselves and fact-check as best you can.

I would also like to extend thanks to all of you who have written to the paper regarding topics we have covered in the paper over the past year. One of the meanings of Pilot is “leading or guiding.” In the case of issues such as medical use by Christian Scientists, this has meant leading us headlong into the murky waters of debate. It is a delight to see the community weighing in on that debate in such force. This correspondence page is a testament to the intensity of thought and the willingness to engage in discourse that are present in this community.

In the spirit of such debate, I would like to extend an invitation to all our readers to a Pilot Dinner, inspired by The Christian Science Monitor’s Monitor Breakfasts. We will be eating in a glassed-in dining room next Thursday evening between five and seven. The dinner is an opportunity to discuss issues that have appeared in previous editions of the Pilot, or topics that are ongoing. We will report on these conversations in the following issue of the Pilot.