The dark clouds gather together,

Eclipsing the brilliant blinding sun,

leaving a void,

but quickly filling it;

A crack, a rumble and

the stillness shatters, a cleansing

downpour cascades,

determined to wash away all the old,

leaving only the new,

the fresh.

All begins again.

Sea shells, resting softly on the shore,

Sand sifting with the drift and ebb of the sea.

Porcupines, lovers too sharp for

my liking,

pace the world, searching the land

over; furtively seeking;

eluded endlessly.

The sapling; standing tall on it’s

throne; the beheaded king felled.

The seed of insurrections sowed,

sprouting, thriving on the

miniscule pieces of light that

filter down from above.

Softly crying, gently rocking;

A mother and child whisper

secrets in the caressing surrounding

dark; a warmth that envelopes

both in its tender embrace.

Rushing, spinning, dancing, frantic,

it swirls around,

Lifting those burdens left by them that are gone.

Cataclysms falter and hearts pause;

All life stops to listen

to the music filling the silence,

replacing emptiness with joy;

solitude with vitality;

mere existence with pure life.