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As the first ever Student Senate finishes its term serving the campus this year, the newly elected members are getting excited for their turn to represent the student body in the fall. The new Senate is diverse. Each new member participates in various activities on campus and is energized to bring their perspective to the group. The following are brief profiles on each individual senator and the new student body presidents so you can get to know them better!

Christine Nacewicz will serve the campus as Student Body President in the 2012-2013 academic year. She is a business administration major and will be a junior next year. Very active on the Principia campus, she is on both the softball and volleyball teams, served this year as a Student Senator, Communications Head on CSO Board, head of SAAC, and as a Social Event Planner. She also will be a Resident Assistant next year and loves being involved in Howard house.

Christine’s primary motivation for being continually involved on campus is to help meet other people’s needs. As a member of student government, Christine sees this involvement as having the potential to help the campus in many ways. Christine says: “We do a lot of things to help the campus already, but there’s always room to improve! I think I can bring experience to the new Senate to encourage the group to continue the efforts from this year into next year.” Christine adds: “Part of Marshall and my campaigning plan was that we want to focus on bringing people together. We really want to focus on increasing the community feel to Principia!”

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Looking ahead to next year’s student government, Christine says she thinks the group already has a superb dynamic. She says: “It seems like everyone is really open-minded and willing to help in any ways they are needed. I think we’re going to have an incredibly fun and productive year.”

Marshall McCurties is a history and political science major, education minor, and will be a sophomore next year. He looks forward to playing rugby and completing beginning block for his education minor in the fall. He is also a proud future member of Sylvester House.

Marshall ran for Student Body Vice-President because he says he hopes to serve Principia in any way he can. He explains: “When the opportunity presented itself to run, I felt it was a right idea and it was a great way to help Principia in as many ways as I could.”

He is very enthusiastic and eager to work with the phenomenal group of strong thinkers, leaders and hard-workers on Student Senate next year. He says: “We have an incredibly fun and dedicated Senate for next year and I am excited to see what new ideas they can bring and how they work together to solve problems as they arise and conquer challenges all year.”

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Marshall certainly brings a unique perspective and an open mind to his position as our Student Body Vice President. He says: “I feel like I can bring a sense of joy to my work. It is not a burden but an honor and privilege to serve…”

 Kim Sheasley will be a sophomore in Brooks next fall. She is a religion major and working on declaring mass communication as a second major. Her main activity next year will be serving as CSO President. You may also see her working in the Pub.

Kim says her primary motivation in running for Senate was her love for Principia. She sincerely wants to serve the Principia community and contribute with a giving spirit. Kim says: “I saw Senate as an opportunity to take on a leadership role in the community. Senate provides a way to communicate with faculty and students, so I ran because I want to help bridge the gap.”

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Kim says she loves listening to her peers and wants to serve as an advocate for them. Her goal is to help bring about change students want on campus.

As a senate member, Kim is wholeheartedly willing to do the work required for the job. She strives to contribute her consistent hard work and dedication to ensure tasks are executed well. Kim adds: “I will also bring an open mind and a sense of readiness.”

Ricky Schaberg is a Buck gentleman and will be a junior next year. He is an active member of the Golf Club and will be the Study Room head for the CSO in the fall. He also enjoys serving as the intramural head for Buck house.

Ricky’s main motivation in running for Senate was to make a lasting contribution to Principia. He said: “For me, the past three years have just been [about] getting. It’s time to give back.”

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Ricky is most looking forward to meeting all of the new students next year. He says he cannot wait to hear the students’ interests and what they would like to change or add for the Principia community. Ricky explains that he would “love to actually take these ideas and turn them into a reality.”

When asked what he sees as an important perspective or quality he can bring to the Senate, Ricky said that he has been “focusing a lot on moral courage. I think too many people overlook how important it is to stand on Principle, to not be afraid to fight the good fight.”

Jocelyn Shoemake is a biology major, creative writing minor and will be a senior next year. She is a devoted, enthusiastic, and committed member of both the basketball and softball teams at Principia. She also serves as an Eco Head for Brooks House. Jocelyn is particularly excited for the opportunity to go on the St. Lucia Abroad in January 2013.

When asked what motivated her to run for Senate, Jocelyn says: “I really wanted the opportunity to be a part of our school government. I think that it will be a fun learning experience and a chance to give back to the community.”

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Jocelyn sees herself as being a strong servant leader. She loves doing service work to educate young people about ways in which they can become servant leaders. She enjoys doing a wide range of projects that work toward this goal. Jocelyn also embraces all opportunities to help others exercise their leadership skills through dedicated community service work. She loves being well organized, resourceful, approachable, and consistent in her ability to communicate effectively with others as well as creating innovative ways to incorporate service opportunities into other peoples’ experiences.

Abby Harraden is a secondary education and Spanish double-major and will be a junior next year. Along with student government, she is a proud member of Brooks House. She is very excited about participating in the St. Lucia Abroad this coming winter. She absolutely loves serving as the Head of the Usher Committee for the CSO as well as participating in community service. Off campus, Abby spends the majority of her time riding horses.

As a member of Student Senate, Abby sincerely wants to give back to the Principia community. She says: “I will strive to work with the students and staff to further promote a unified and harmonious community. Student Senate seems like a perfect way to reach out and serve the community!”

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As a member of the student government next year, Abby says that she particularly looks forward to “hearing the voices of all Principia community members, taking the information we encounter, and working to create positive outcomes for the community. The new senators all seem to want to focus on unifying the campus and celebrating the diversity here at Principia.” Increasing communication, unity, harmony, and positivity seems to a be shared desire among the new Student Senate members.

When asked what she sees as something she can bring to next year’s group, Abby says: “The quality or perspective I bring to the Senate is that I am an effective listener, an open person, and constantly strive to express humility. I bring a sense of initiative, seeing the need and meeting it, being willing to do any task, easy or challenging. I absolutely love getting to know people and hearing their perspectives as well as their unique stories.”

Lauren Furbush is an education major and will be a junior next year. She also looks forward to serving as a Resident Assistant in Anderson in the fall. One of her favorite experiences so far as a Principia student was participating in the China Abroad and embracing this opportunity to travel with other Christian Scientists. While on campus, Lauren loves playing Frisbee, soccer, and tennis.

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When asked what motivated Lauren to run for Student Senate, she says, “I feel like I’ve been hiding for a while on Principia campus and I really want to start making a better effort to be contributing to our community. I think that there are many ways to give back to Principia and being a part of Senate would be one great opportunity to contribute positively. Every student on campus has a valuable and important role to play … I would like those voices to be heard so that students here can do their best in athletics and academics while serving the cause of Christian Science.”

As a member of student government next year, Lauren looks forward to finding out how much of a say students really get in issues on campus. She also looks forward to working creatively with the new Senate group because everyone has shown their genuine appreciation for their Principia College experience. Lauren adds: “We all want to make sure that everybody is feeling excited about the opportunities and the experiences at Principia. I really look forward to [being] a part of this inclusive thought.”

Next semester, Anibal Ibanez Risso will mainly be involved in sports and theater. He hasn’t declared his major yet because his interests are plenteous and he hasn’t yet made up his mind. He is leaning toward including theater in the mix and has also pondered the idea of minoring in English or art. Out of all the amazing abroad opportunities Principia has to offer, Anibal is particularly drawn to the England abroad but would also love to go to Nepal, India or Russia.

Anibal says: “I am very grateful for the opportunity that Principia has given me and I want to help this school in any way possible. I believe that sometimes students are not aware or they don’t pay much attention to the fact that this school was founded to support and help the Christian Science movement. Mrs. Morgan was inspired to give the students a better education and build a school upon divine Principle, which infinitely blesses men and women. I also believe that we sometimes forget that our main goal must be to serve this cause and live the Truth of God.” He adds: “I ran for Senate because I want to bring these ideas to the student government and help Principia become the greatest community that it should be. The Principia community can serve as an example of love and understanding to the whole world.”

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Anibal says he will strive to get students actively involved with the Student Senate by holding all-campus monthly meetings and organizing other opportunities that give students the chance to share their opinions. He says: “I really want to encourage everyone to participate in all the great activities that Principia gives us. I want to see each student love this school and see it as God sees it: an awesome place to grow academically and spiritually.”

As a non-traditional student, Anibal says: “I believe I can bring maturity, experience and an international perspective to our student government. I will also bring my love and effort to build the greatest community that Principia deserves to be. The Principia community can serve as an example of love and understanding between people from all parts of the world.”

Kendall Shoemake plans to declare an education major and business administration minor. He will live in Williams next semester for Beginning Ed Block as a sophomore. He says: “My upper class house is Lowrey, but my heart will always lie with Anderson!” Kendall loves playing rugby and baseball and is a proud member of SAAC, the Golf Club and the Swing Dancing Club. Kendall also looks forward to mentoring an international student next year. During his free time, he particularly enjoys singing in his internationally acclaimed band.

As a future member of Student Senate, Kendall says he wants to “help improve communication between the student body, faculty and staff through voicing concerns and opinions on different matters.” He is very open to exploring effective ways in which this idea can become a transforming reality for Principia students.

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Kendall loves being involved in student government and learning more about how the school functions. He says, “I look forward to discovering ways in which I can become a better leader. I also feel like next school year is going to be spectacular and I hope everyone can experience this enthusiasm.”

Kendall will certainly contribute a fresh outlook and perspective to the Student Senate. He says: “With so many intelligent people along with leaders on Senate, I feel like I can bring a set of listening skills as well as offer a genuine and honest opinion on many different matters. I will also try to always bring a constant upbeat attitude and most importantly a smile!”

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