photo/ Nathan Wright
photo/ Nathan Wright

The semester is coming to a close. Just those pesky exams left to tackle. It’s hard to believe we made it this far…yet it all seemed to go….so….fast.

We’ve enjoyed being your source of news this semester, even under criticism. We understand that ideas expressed in the Pilot aren’t shared by everyone. But it’s your choice to pick up a Pilot and read it, so just know we appreciate your readership.

We hope you’ve been informed, intrigued, even inspired at times. We hope our articles have inspired discussion and questions (well actually we know they have).

We are in the business of constant improvement. So don’t forget that you can always approach an editor with suggestions, questions, criticisms, letters to the editor, presents. If you like what you see and want to be involved, email Annika Fredrikson to inquire about joining the Pilot team. We love fresh perspective, varying viewpoints, and creative thinkers.

End the semester with a bang, ace those finals and then enjoy your Christmas break. Eat so much that you can’t get off the couch, drink eggnog till it comes out your nose and hang up those stockings for Santa to fill. See you in 2014. We out.

Image courtesy of Julia Suber