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Dear Campus,

We’re so close … just one week left until we reach the sweet paradise of summertime. Though the stress of homework and classes will be momentarily lifted up from our tired shoulders, many will head off to internships and jobs. The idle sitting and binge-watching will only last for the first week of break, right?

We will be losing two of our own – Julia Suber and Stephen Purcell – who have been invaluable assets to the team this year. Their expertise and dedication held the Pilot to a high standard, and we will miss them very much next year. Colby Bermel will be taking Julia’s place and working with me as a fellow Editor-in-Chief in the fall. Alice Batista and Kim Sheasley will continue on as our Design and Photo Editors, respectively. Anna Tarnow and Bobby Witney will join the Pilot editorial team in the spring when they return from their study abroad in England.

We’re excited about this final issue of the year. Christine Nacewicz’s two-year presidency is reviewed, the transfer process is examined and Upper School expedited admission is questioned. In addition, we’ve laid out our own agenda for new student government leaders, Susie Bonwich and Kendall Shoemake.

Don’t miss the articles on students pursuing military service, break working, Eliminator and a surprising new Biblical finding. As always, we hope these articles are informative, interesting and thought-provoking.

Please let us know how we can improve for next year. What would you like to see more of? What do you not like at all? We welcome any comments, questions or suggestions. You can email me directly, or email the Pilot email

If you are interested in joining the Pilot staff next semester, email me at We encourage anyone with a passion for journalism, writing, design or editing to consider being a part of the Pilot. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and gain useful skills for any career.

Have a wonderful summer, wherever you’ll be. See you in August!