photo/ Kimberly Sheasley
photo/ Kimberly Sheasley

Dear Campus,

The Pilot staff is coming out of hibernation, is it spring yet? While we have been complaining about the snow, we actually haven’t really minded getting to huddle up in front of our glowing monitors collecting stories for this issue. With a fresh staff for the semester, the topics covered in this issue span a broad spectrum of interests. Do you recall that smoke stack tower, just set off of River Road? Well, It turns out that there is a very specific message that smoke is sending off into the sky, and writer Susie Bonwich breaks down so you will easily be able to analyze it yourself the next time you drive by.

Then there was the Superbowl, Seahawks vs. Broncos, rather a one-sided affair, and it was the intermittent commercials that riled up passionate viewer response rather than the actual game. In regards to patriotism in certain beverage advertisements, what were all those people objecting to, and more importantly, what were they missing? There is also an article that branches out into what form patriotism has developed in Mexico, with a state-enforced group of vigilantes out to protect the innocent from serious crime. That leads into the controversial case of Mexican citizen Edgar Tamayo’s execution in Texas, sans legal protection of international law. It could come back to bite us.

We would also like to draw attention our staff’s first editorial of the school year. Sorry for the wait, America. What took us so long? Editorials demand to take a side, and it’s just so hard to find something to take a stand when we’re such agreeable people. The editorial pairs nicely with the letter to the editor, from a Principia benefactor. Spoiler alert: they’re both about the homosexuality policy (is there anything else?) #sorrynotsorry

And one more thing before we release you into the world of Prin PilotLand. Now you can take it wherever you go! We are on the interweb, and it’s sexy. Actually, we were always online, but we got lazy and it was embarrassing, but people, we have brought sexy back. Take a look when you get the chance at

Stay classy Princommunity,

Image courtesy of Julia Suber