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By L. Kincaid Holmes

Five questions – two of them from student life staff – and one announcement constituted the final virtual student Town Hall meeting of the semester, which lasted 28 minutes. Previous meetings took the full allotted hours with the number of queries ranging from 21 to 40.

The meetings have been transparently run with the top three administration officials answering unfiltered – sometimes uncomfortable – questions from the audience.

But the ability to send questions anonymously was disabled in this meeting. The decision to identify questioners was “just a reflection of us learning and trying to approximate what an actual in-person Town Hall would be like,” explained Dean of Students Maya Dietz, in a text message replying to a Pilot question about it following the meeting.

Sophia Hathaway, student body president, opened the meeting with readings from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures followed by announcements.

Student government announcements:

  • Seniors are requested to send videos in
  • Seniors are requested to vote for baccalaureate and class marshals

Announcements from Meggan Madden, dean of academics:

  • Shout-out to the students who worked on the Mistake House magazine
  • Call for lyrics for a new Principia hymn
  • Fully completed forms for the alternative grading scale are due Friday, May 8 at 11:59 PM

Announcements from Maya Dietz, dean of students:

  • The Student Resources page has been updated with recordings of the Christian Science lectures that took place last week
  • Seniors are requested to give feedback and update contact information

Heather Holmes, student events manager, left an announcement in the Q&A saying Friday, May 8 is the semester’s last EMC time and will be a gratitude session hosted by campus metaphysical heads.

Madden responded to a question regarding the date of graduation, saying that it will be on Homecoming Weekend, but the exact day has yet to be determined.

The final decision day regarding the fall semester will be made by July 1, said Madden.

A question was asked about precautions that will be put in place if students do return to campus in the fall. The administration is planning for face-to-face classes, said John Williams, interim president, but the question of social distancing in those classes has come up and is unanswered as of yet.