By the MCOM 224 Feature Writing class

More than 100 Principians gathered in the chapel today to metaphysically address the coronavirus pandemic, as students prepared to leave tomorrow for Spring Break concerned about whether they’ll be able to return to campus.

“All that we can be touched by is love,” said one testifier among many addressing the fear of contagion.

The hourlong meeting, conducted by Interim President John Williams, included readings from the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings and testimonies from the community.

This midterm exam week saw a sudden escalation of uncertainty about what will happen after break. The strong turnout offered a sense of calm and power in numbers.

“I’m worried about how this affects graduation [and] dance prod, and I don’t want to say goodbye to my friends already,” said senior Lily Oyer.

In a campus-wide Watercooler notice this morning addressing developments, Williams said, “We will continue the spring semester in some form.” At the chapel meeting, he said that “there will not be vacation [all the way] until graduation,” noting that classes will continue, but the question is where – on campus or online.

The last student to speak at the meeting today offered a firm declaration of Christian Science, noting that if error is unreal, “it doesn’t matter how loud it is screaming, it doesn’t it make any more real.”