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Are you ever at a loss for activities to do with your significant other? Is the Pub just not cutting it anymore? If that’s the case, don’t fear; there is plenty to do on campus. It simply requires a bit of imagination and a sense of adventure. Put down that Pub shake, log out of Netflix and get ready to have a great time.

The campus may seem small, but it is only as small as your sense of adventure. Even something as familiar as the bluffs can be new and exciting if viewed from a different perspective. Sophomore Barbara Foster said, “The bluffs are my favorite place to go sit and think, and it’s incredibly romantic. It’s quiet and the view is fantastic no matter what time of day it is.” It’s possible to turn even the most typical locations into swoon-worthy dates.


If the bluffs are your destination of choice, try packing a lunch to eat in front of the breathtaking view. A particularly great spot to enjoy time with your special someone is at the telescope lookout. Pack a meal from the dining room, take your Pub food to go or even cook your own dish.

If you’re looking for something less cliché, try Eliestoun. An Eliestoun picnic date is a great way to break away from routine and see a bit more of the campus.


Contrary to popular belief, fall and winter weather can make for wonderful date experiences. Before the snow falls, take advantage of the colorful foliage; it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon walk or bike ride with your date. Try teaching your date something new. If they can’t longboard, hold them while you lead them along. If they can’t slackline, try helping them across. If you’re feeling a little more stationary, try making leaf piles to jump in. It’s simple, free and reminiscent of childhood fun.

When it gets colder, weather permitting, have a snow day. Make snow angels, have a snowball fight or just play. Then, when you’re all worn out, go to the Pub for some hot chocolate to warm up and catch your breath.


If being outside isn’t your thing, don’t worry; there is still plenty to do inside. The Store stocks a wide variety of baking supplies. Pick up brownie-making ingredients and have an afternoon of baking together. While your treats are cooking, play board games or invent a new game. If you have access to them, Guitar Hero battles or Wii Sports duels are sure to bring you closer than ever.

If you’d rather not bake and play board games, you might want to try something a little more active. The rock wall in Hay Field House is always a good option and might be something you’ve never done before. Or, try a friendly game of pool or ping pong in the Student Center. Competitions should be lighthearted and fun, not super serious; keep that in mind when you’re on your date.