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By Noelle Shoemake

How are Prin dances different from high school dances?

Leave room for Jesus! For everyone who attended public school dances, brace yourself. For everyone who attended the upper school, I assume that nothing’s changed. Prin dances are a step back in time to awkward middle school dances– plus the awkward.
If you went to public high school, you’ll be shocked at the family-friendly fun had here at Prin. Grinding is a move that must have been banned like music from the town in Footloose.
Did you go with a group of friends to prom instead of a date? Prin dances are kind of like that. No one really touches each other until people throw Peter Griswold in the air.
These dances aren’t as bad as they may seem though. They can actually be very fun! Prin dances are what you make them. Make time for dressing up, putting on makeup, and taking pictures for Instagram. Your friends back home will think you are at an epic party for your sorority (or fraternity). It’s all about deception people.
On the other hand, if you go expecting a bad time and remain close-minded, then you’re probably going to miss out on the enjoyment. If you bring a group of friends and go “all in” dancing to the music, you’ll have an entertaining and memorable night.

How do i get my teachers to like me?

Since teachers at Prin are Christian Scientists you may assume that every student is their favorite student. You may even take it further and believe that they’re already programmed to love you, right? Wrong. (Well, sort of.)
Of course your teachers love you! However, most of us do wonder how we got on the “dislike list” while Suzie So-and-So became the new teacher’s favorite. If you’re one of those many, don’t fret. I’m offering free advice on how to redeem yourself in your professors’ eyes.
Since Starbucks is too far away and the Pub doesn’t sell real coffee, the classic kiss up of bringing teachers their favorite drink is a no-go. Also, you can’t just break up with your teacher when things get bad and hope that you can still be friends. You must find a way to mend your relationship before it’s too late.
In all seriousness, my first suggestion would be to make sure you’re completing all of your homework and assignments on time. You may feel distant from your teacher because you’re not giving your best effort. If you show a teacher that you care, the relationship will feel less one-sided.
Secondly, always offer to help your teachers. When they enter the classroom, open the door. When they turn on their computer, type their password. When they have papers that need distributing, offer to pass them out. Always try and be helpful. It shows your teacher that you care and are a team-player.
Lastly, be honest with your teacher and let them know how you’re feeling. Try sending them an email and ask for a meeting. Let your teacher know that you care about them and their class. When you arrive at the meeting, be honest and give valuable feedback. Teachers love it when you communicate with them.
If you follow this advice, your teachers could turn into powerful references. You could potentially land your dream internship or job because of their guidance!

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