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If you have had the chance to meet Lora McMullin most of us on campus know her as the Executive Secretary in the athletics department. But if you follow a day in the life of Lora one quickly learns that there is much more than meets the eye. From work and coaching softball, to managing a family of five she is someone we should all get to know a little better! In her downtime, Lora enjoys sewing and knitting. Her home life is most important to her. She enjoys relaxing on the couch with her family on Sunday afternoons. She also loves her position in the athletic office. In her afternoons, Lora works with the softball team as one of the assistant coaches. Junior Rebekah Charlston and Sophomore Marianna Distel both appreciate her help and encouragement while batting and performing strength exercises. On Tuesday Nights, Lora helps score the basketball games.

The McMullins: (L-R) Freshman Aean, Junior Aubrey, Lora, Mike, Aleq, and Aria. Not Shown: Aaron.