3-on-3 Tourney is Nothing But (chain) Net

For the price of two rusted chain basketball nets, 15 teams of three competed for nearly five hours Saturday in a three-on-three basketball tournament. The second annual Chain Net Classic was held at the outdoor basketball courts, just behind the outdoor tennis courts.

Principian Programmer on the Premises

When I told a few friends that I would be writing a profile on the visiting Computer Science professor, one exclaimed, “Oh, good. He seems cool!” Another asked, “The one with all the kids?,” and the other said, “I hear his classes are really hard.” So what’s the truth? Read on.

Prin Prepares for Post-Grad Push

With ten days until graduation, Principia College seniors are thinking hard about life after college. In today’s unpromising job market, finding the right next step to employment may seem intimidating to this year’s graduates.

Elena Kagan: Those Who Can’t Do, Teach?

Conservatives are up in arms again over President Barack Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. We’ve heard accusations leveled at Kagan of radical leftist leanings, a lack of non-academic experience, an anti-military stance, and homosexuality. Fear-based rhetoric such as this is counter-productive for the GOP in two ways. First, it widens the schism between left and right. Second, through the radicalization of Kagan’s image, the GOP might inhibit the nomination of a centrist, pragmatic woman opposed to same-sex marriage.