Should We Care If Our Favorite Pop Artists Are Copycats?

This week I wanted to address a topic that has recently been popping up on blogs and in my conversations with other music journalists. The other day someone was singing the chorus to “Tik Tok,” the breakthrough song from new party pop princess, Ke$ha. I cringed as I thought of the first time I heard it – I was in a friend’s room doing homework when I heard the eerie Gameboy synth that opens the song, with a bratty teenage girl imitating a hip-hop vocal delivery.

Facing the Day Without Facebook

Just over a month ago, while I was sitting with the other Lazy Zipper improv comedy team members at dinner, they decided it would be fun to start a rumor that I was engaged. They yelled the news in the dining room, and people looked around, but my crossed arms and sunken figure probably dissuaded them from being tricked. However, immediately after the meal, several Lazy Zipper members updated their Facebook statuses about how happy they were I was getting hitched. They also left comments on my Facebook wall announcing their joy

Shutter Island a Creepy Masterpiece

For the first time since The Departed, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio team up to dominate the silver screen. Shutter Island demonstrates Scorsese’s prowess in an unfamiliar genre – that of the psychological thriller. This film is guaranteed to distort your dreams for nights after you experience it.

What Can I Do?

Over the past few weeks, with the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the fighting in the Middle East, and the whole list of other things that make us wonder if the world is getting better, it has seemed increasingly difficult to see how I can do anything to help. How can I, a moneyless, resource-less, powerless college student, actually do something to noticeably help the injured, aggravated, or impoverished people of the world?

Fo’ SHO: the Newest Ford Taurus Model

Almost every person dreams of having a sports car that flies around curves and turns on a dime when you dump the clutch. Everyone wants to fly at a million miles an hour. The problem is, usually these things can only happen on the weekend (unless you drive Daddy’s sports car during the week). In the case of kids who did that at my high school, they wrecked their parents’ car by speeding.

International-Domestic Student Relations

The Civil Rights movement may be associated with the 1960s, but racism in the United States is very much still a reality, no matter what is said about the developing acceptance of skin color. What is even more unsettling is that there is a color consciousness on the Principia College campus.