Camp Counseling on the Resume

Principia is probably the only college in the United States that can boast “camp counselor” as the most popular summer job for the student body. Here it’s almost assumed that students have some type of camp experience, and it’s never offensive to ask even the most talented and driven individuals if they will spend their summers planning arts ‘n crafts or playing dodgeball with fifth graders.

Kenjams: Yeasayer

When the Brooklyn art-rock trio Yeasayer emerged in 2007, their debut album All Hours Cymbals was peculiar even for people with the most abnormal music tastes. Fast forward to 2010 when fellow East Coast experimental acts like Animal Collective and TV on the Radio are the front-runners in indie music, and Yeasayer’s brand of trippy pop music isn’t as arduous a listen as it is enjoyable.

A GLI-ful Test Drive

I arrived at the dealership and talked to one of the sales representatives. In the building and on the way to the car, he told me about some of the features of the new GLIs. It’s not an outrageously equipped car. It doesn’t transform and save the world from aliens. It also doesn’t talk to you while it drives for you as if you were Michael Knight. However, there are some features that make life a little better.

Our Food Buff Weighs in on Duff’s

Duff’s has two separate dining rooms and a banquet hall in the back. The first dining room, where I was seated, has wood-covered walls, a cozy fireplace, and a floor-length window with stained glass, which made for excellent ambiance.