#PrinSilverLinings – a new social media series to connect us

By Sam Hills

Pilot contributor Lindsey Huffman has been contacting Principians to hear about good experiences or gratitude they have in this time of uncertainty and change. Many of you have had so much good to share that we decided to produce a social media series, featuring happiness and good for us all to focus on. 

We hope that #PrinSilverLinings will help you feel more connected while at home, feeling like you may have lost half of the semester, and provide a voice for the positive. 

Keep an eye out for posts every Tuesday and Thursday on our Facebook page (Principia Pilot) and our Instagram (principiapilot). Tomorrow, Thursday, we will post the first installment featuring Abe Ott and his gratitude for the circumstances in which he finds himself. 

Featured illustration at top by Ari Hofman.