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Students were asked about their dreams for what would make Principia a perfect place to live. They said:


What if Principia built a patio into the bluffs?

Senior Alaina Carlson said her dream would be to build a patio into the bluffs “where we could have lit-up dances or chill time at night.” It would be a nice way to bring the students together. Also, Principia could spend less on decorations, and the patio would enhance the already beautiful landscape!


What if Principia had an ice skating rink?

Junior Connor Coyne stated, “I personally love skating and would just love to go skating in the winter some nights. Also, a skating rink would allow me to channel my inner hockey player!” In addition to providing a venue for cute date nights, an ice skating rink would bring Principia students out to play in the snow and give them opportunities to be active.


What if Principia had a puppy playground?

Junior Ashley Shoemake advocated for a stress-reliever in the form of a puppy playground. She said, “I think it would be so cool if our school had something resembling a PetCo on campus. […] That way students could hang out with animals while doing homework, and play with them for fun.” Having a designated area for animals, large and small, would be a crowd pleaser among students. It could even create more paid jobs for students willing to take care of the animals. Shoemake added, “How cool would it be to snuggle with puppies or a guinea pig while cranking out a paper?”


What if Principia had an outdoor swimming pool?

Sophomore Pierson Gill said he would like to have an outdoor swimming pool. He also would love to see more outdoor activities taking place. For example, he said, “[I would like to have] big bubble things that people play bumper soccer with, jet skis for the river, [and] parasailing stuff for behind a ski boat or something on the river.” Gill enjoys the outdoors, so his list continued with “giant kites, hot air balloons, go karts, four wheelers, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, giant slip and slides, and even a zipline!” For those students who hate being indoors, and love to watch the seasons change, Gill has amazing ideas for you. Carlson, who also wanted an outdoor swimming pool, said, “[A pool would be] a fun way to relax in the sun while it’s hot. Perhaps [Principia could build] a mini water park. [A] water slide, even. Not too much to ask.”


What if Principia had a real coffee shop?

Carlson wished she could have an “actual coffee shop for a cuter and quieter place to study, read, [and] relax.” An atmosphere like Maeva’s, Kayak’s, or even Kaldi’s coffee shop could bring out the inner hipster in all of Principia’s students. Homework would be done faster in a serene place with a cozy fire and twinkling lights!


What if Principia had the Pub deliver?

Junior Max Bruch was adamantly in favor of this idea. He said,How many people have said to themselves ‘I want a pub shake’ but then followed it with ‘but it’s too cold’ or ‘but it’s so far’?” Bruch offered a solution: “For an extra small fee, students [could] pay to have their food delivered to their room. The pub closes before house hours anyways; it would never be an issue.” He also thinks it would be a popular job for students on campus. “Afraid to talk to your crush?” he said. “They’ll be talking to you after you bring them their meal through the incredible cold in the wintertime. Honestly, I’m amazed we haven’t implemented it already.”


What if Principia had Chipotle or Chick-fil-a on campus?

Coyne said that he would love to have his favorite fast-food restaurants on campus. He said, “I think it’s obvious [that] two of the greatest creations ever should reside on our campus.”


What if Principia’s pub was two stories and had a lounge upstairs?

Sophomore Justin Ball said, “…we could put a second story or loft [in the Pub], where there would be a couch plus a couple of tables and chairs. There would also be a TV for sports and there would be winding staircase on the right side of the chimney to access the second story.” It would be a place to relax other than the student center, and it would be a fun place to escape homework. It could even be turned into Carlson’s cute, quaint coffee shop.


What does your Principia dream look like?