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The statement “Principia is in the middle of nowhere” is often repeated by its students, along with “There is nothing to do on the weekends.” However, with two new fantastic attractions coming to St. Louis, this remark could become null and void.

The Mauhaus Cat Café will be opening in Maplewood, a suburb of St. Louis, in early 2016. Accompanying this is an Ikea, which holds many couches for those cat claws to destroy. The Ikea will be opening on September 30 in the Central West End, near downtown St. Louis.

The Mauhaus Cat Café will be a warm, welcoming place to sip coffee or tea whilst cuddling with an adorable, fuzzy cat. Cat cafés have been a growing business since 2014 when the first American cat café was opened in Oakland, California. The idea behind cat cafés is to get a drink, a delicious pastry, sit down, and show a kitty some love whilst enjoying your food. The focus of the business is based on the love of felines. The owners want both the cats and the customers to be happy, and getting a drink with a side of snuggles is a great way to achieve that goal. The Mauhaus Cat Café recently released information about a new partnership with “Tenth Life Cat Rescue.” The partnership will provide adoptable, cuddly cats to the café.

Ikea is a Scandinavian chain of home goods retailers. But what is so special about a furniture store? Ikea is not just any regular furniture store. It is the motherload of great “hide and seek” spots. The store will be 380,000 square feet and filled to the brim with Scandinavian fun. It will have Scandinavian treats in the store, which is just one reason to spend a day there.

In addition to the other attractions in Ikea, all of the furniture comes unassembled. The fun lies in the instructions, which come from Sweden and are incredibly hard to understand. So, if you decide to buy anything from Ikea you’ll have a blast trying to put it together correctly.

However, on a more serious note, there is certainly more to do in Ikea than fool around. Ikea is well-equipped with a variety of model rooms that customers can use to plan future room layouts, improv­e scenarios with friends, or even host a romantic candle-lit dinner with a date.

The Swedish company will be hiring around 300 new workers. This provides another fun Ikea activity: test how dedicated the sales associates are to their job by asking them questions in Swedish. Though you may need to learn Swedish for this, it is worth the trouble.

Ikea is also a cheap alternative to childcare. Many Ikea stores have ball pits installed in them, and the St. Louis Ikea will hopefully be the same. Playing in ball pits is incredibly nostalgic. They’re a great place to spend an afternoon, especially if they’re kept clean. All around, the St. Louis Ikea is going to be a fantastic college student hot­spot.

These two new attractions are going to be great additions to the “weekend checklist” of many students. Let’s just hope that these activities don’t put the social committee out of service.