Music Column for a Christian Science Practitioner

Since this is the penultimate column I will ever write for The Pilot, I wanted to dedicate some words to discovering new music. In past issues I’ve written about “the blogosphere” and the Internet’s heavy influence on the music industry. The Internet can be a highly educational and efficient way to explore new and old music, along with the cultures connected with that music. With the grand escapades of online multimedia, it can also be a fun resource for daily entertainment. But how does one even begin to navigate the extensive resources that include hyper-subjective blogs and watered-down websites dominated by advertising twaddle? As my last installment of this column will be an editorial of music that will always remind me of my experiences at Principia, I leave you with a few resources to help guide your musical exploration. I’ve often referred to these as sources or tools for my columns, and I’m sure you’ll find at least one of them to be useful to you. Happy listening!