Creative Living, Sustainable Solutions

You can smell the creative juices simmering long before you enter the Williams theme house. Notes of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” drift out from the newly-acquired piano, sending messages that say, “Talent lives here” and “Visitors welcome.” Dried flowers hang in the stairwell, and a whiteboard with inspirational quotes, including the “German sentence of the day,” adorns the wall. Downstairs in the kitchen, herbal tea bags and paper cranes from an Origami workshop hang on a string across the ceiling as testaments to some of the major activities of the house. Tea is kind of a big deal here.

Creative Living in Williams

Tucked away on the outskirts of campus beyond Sylvester is a theme house that often transforms to meet the needs of the Principia student body. Williams is now the Creative Living house: a home for creative thought in which a group of students have committed to sustainable living, independent cooking, artistic expression, and an overall creative lifestyle.