Former Monitor Editor Joins Mass Comm Ranks

Former Monitor Editor Joins Mass Comm RanksPaul Van Slambrouck, Principia’s newest addition to the mass communication department, knows all about the value of hard work and humility.

“One thing you learn very early on is that you don’t have all the answers, and if you come from a place of thinking you’re supposed to, you probably won’t be a very good journalist.”

Pilot’s Perspective 4.30.10

Many thanks to those of you who wrote to us to challenge our scant reporting of the circumstances that led to Craig Savoye’s departure from Principia. The Pilot is bound by legal contracts signed by the Principia Corporation. We could have done a better job of making this legal restriction clear. In the case of this story, such a legal agreement limited us to the few words we printed on the matter. We apologize to those of you for whom this coverage is unsatisfactory. We continue to do our best to bring you balanced and comprehensive coverage of significant events at Principia. I encourage those of you who are interested to seek answers for yourselves and fact-check as best you can.

Mass Comm Manages

The college put all forces into play to find substitute professors. The administration contacted a wide range of potential professors, from former faculty to Christian Science Monitor Editor John Yemma. Three current faculty and staff members came forward to fill the voids.