The New Buick

For the last few decades, the American automobile industry has been consistently beaten by the foreign automobile industry.  The American automobile industry has looked into …

Fo’ SHO: the Newest Ford Taurus Model

Almost every person dreams of having a sports car that flies around curves and turns on a dime when you dump the clutch. Everyone wants to fly at a million miles an hour. The problem is, usually these things can only happen on the weekend (unless you drive Daddy’s sports car during the week). In the case of kids who did that at my high school, they wrecked their parents’ car by speeding.

A GLI-ful Test Drive

I arrived at the dealership and talked to one of the sales representatives. In the building and on the way to the car, he told me about some of the features of the new GLIs. It’s not an outrageously equipped car. It doesn’t transform and save the world from aliens. It also doesn’t talk to you while it drives for you as if you were Michael Knight. However, there are some features that make life a little better.