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photo/ Lauren Furbush
photo/ Lauren Furbush

Connie Crandell has returned to the Principia community as the Sylvester resident counselor. Crandell has previously served as resident counselor of Rackham, Clara, Howard, and Sylvester. This was all before moving to her home in Buena Vista, CO in 2011 with her husband, Gary.

Asked what has changed since her last time on campus, Crandell said, “The phones. We’re spoiled now with service all over campus. When I was last here, people had to rely on the phones in their rooms to communicate.”

Although the phone service may have improved, Crandell said that Principia’s atmosphere remains the same. When asked her favorite thing about Principia, Crandell answered, “The Christ idea in education is so special. You get to see it here in action.”

Crandell graduated from Principia College in 1977. She enjoyed participating in volleyball and basketball in college, as well as traveling abroad to France. She moved from the College campus to the Upper School campus before her children were born. Her children, now both in their 30s, were students onboth campuses during a period when Crandell worked in the Office of Special Programs and coached tennis, track and racquetball. Crandell said she enjoyed coaching because she got to know students and worked with many amazing,
talented people.

photo/Gabriel Hudson
photo/courtesy of Gabriel Hudson

Commenting further on her experience at Principia, Crandell said, “When our daughter was four, we were at a mall and she asked a man to help her get a drink. I had to remind her that she couldn’t go up to just anybody and ask for something. She was used to that kind of treatment from growing up around friendly college students at Principia.”

Before returning to Principia this January, Crandell worked for Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area in Buena Vista. She still holds this job during the summer time and enjoys the beauty of Colorado. A native Texan, Crandell loves to travel and served as the resident counselor on two Principia abroads to Prague. Crandell couldn’t decide on her favorite place she has visited thus far, but the Czech Republic is dear to her heart.
As most do in the Principia community, Crandell appreciates the friendships she has found through Principia and has kept up throughout the years. “I’ve never seen friends like Principians,” Crandell said. “Even if you go down different paths in life and may not see each other for 10 to 20 years, you still have that bond.”

“Connie is not only the best resident counselor, but also a friend,” senior Emily Mattson, a Sylvester resident, said. “She is one of the easiest people to talk to on campus, and I couldn’t be happier to have her back in the house for my senior spring. She welcomed me into Syl, and now she will send me off. Although Syl treat nights are great no matter what, I will admit that I often go to treat night just to see Connie.”

An energetic and familiar face to many on campus is returning to the Principia community. What is her favorite part about being a resident counselor? “I love getting to know the students,” Crandell said.

Image courtesy of Julia Suber