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Hello Principians!

We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful winter as much as we are.

Your student government leaders will vote Sunday night on a new model for student government. This model is the result of a quarter’s worth of conversations with student leaders, RCs, and administrators, and it includes modest but important upgrades to the structure of student government. We believe this new model will prepare us for success in the semester system.

We presented this model to the house boards at our third and final Leadershop, which took place on the Sunday night before the quarter began. We also presented the model to students at a Student Senate last Monday. Thanks to those of you who came out to support student government and participate in the process.

If you still have questions or comments about the model, this is your last chance to get in touch with your house presidents, your all-campus Student Activities Board members, or us to talk about the model. Please don’t hesitate to do so!

Last Friday, we held a successful and well-attended open house in our new student government office on the main floor of the School of Government. We are pleased so many students stopped by. We’d like to remind you that we will maintain office hours from 3 to 4 p.m. on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Please stop by any time.

Finally, the election process for next year’s student leadership will begin next week. Please be on the lookout for forthcoming information on elected and appointed positions that interest you, and please consider nominating yourself to serve on student government. We can say definitively that working with student government has been a highlight of our Principia experience.

Happy Winter!

Will and Chelsea
Student Body Presidents