By Sky O’Brien

ELSAH, IL—The Wednesday 24 February snow day at Principia College has been selected to receive an award for its outstanding service to the community.

According to sources close to the selection panel responsible for choosing the recipient of this award, the snow day will be recognised for selflessly giving students a day to sleep in, browse the internet, and postpone the completion of their homework.

“This is a very special award,” said a representative from the President’s office. “We are, in effect, acknowledging the fine contributions of the snow day to student life here at Principia College.”

This is the first time the snow day will be officially recognized for its tireless and committed service, having come agonisingly close in previous years.

“We are very encouraging of community service at Principia, and it only seems fair to reward the snow day for its continued voluntary efforts,” said a faculty staff member. “The time it gives students to maintain high standards of procrastination is truly remarkable.”

However, not everyone is impressed by the snow day’s timeliness and work ethic.

“I think it’s outrageous,” said one staff member. “Where was the snow day when I needed to grade 15 papers?”

Although many staff and students have lauded the snow day, there is a growing consensus among students that it was too short.

“There’s definitely room for improvement,” said one student. “I think it’s only sensible that the duration of future snow days be increased from one day to two days.”