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The opening reception for the Senior Art Exhibit will be held Wednesday, March 10 at 6 p.m. on the third floor of the Marshall Brooks Library. Refreshments and musical accompaniment will be provided. Each of the eleven students exhibiting will be there to answer questions about their displayed artwork and professional portfolios. The works in the exhibit range from 3D installations to print, drawings, and paintings, all varying in size and media. The exhibit will exemplify the growth and development that Principia’s art program provides for its majors.

All eleven art students worked hard this quarter to push themselves and their artwork to a more professional level before graduation. Of the eleven, two are focused on Fine Arts and nine chose to focus on graphic arts. Although most of the artists are seniors, one junior’s work will be part of the exhibit. After graduation, some of these artists will head directly into the professional world, some will find an internship or related experience to boost their perspective, and some will gain admittance into graduate school. Until then, they invite members of the community to come and take a look at their artwork and portfolio collections. Selected works will be available for sale.

The exhibit will be open all spring quarter until graduation in June. Come join the art majors for an hour filled with interaction with the artists, have some snacks and enjoy all the displayed artwork. Students exhibiting: Jenny Bailey, Christian Coker, Carey Erwin, Nancy Glascock, Brittany Jenks, Anne Jenne, Gwyn Ochs, Drake Schaberg, Alanna Truog, Alyssa Valentine, and Bryce Winslow.