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I believe that breakfast is the best meal of the day. Whether you are a vegan or a carnivore, there is something tasty awaiting you in the world of the breakfast menu. My love for breakfast is so deep that I have decided to dedicate all of next quarter to reviewing the top breakfast joints in the St. Louis area. So to satisfy my craving for breakfast fare, I came across a place in my trusty Sauce magazine, and decided to do a test drive of the breakfast review.

This week I ventured into a town called Edwardsville to try out the food at Sacred Grounds Café. Located in the downtown area, this cozy neighborhood joint has a weekend brunch special that changes each weekend based on the chef’s desires. Upon entering the building, I noticed that the brick walls gave the room a warm, red-hued feel, and every table was filled with happy people drinking coffee and enjoying the morning. When I reached the counter and was deciding what to order, my experience was soured a bit by the pretentious cashier. Instead of helping me out as an obvious newcomer, the cashier basically gave me a metaphorical eye roll. I felt snubbed and small, yet I was still able to order a cappuccino, a piece of the weekend’s special quiche, and a banana walnut waffle.

After waiting for a family of five to finish up and buckle the tots into their strollers, I sat down and waited for my food. First came my hot soy cappuccino in a white cup and saucer. It was not the best cappuccino I have ever had, but since it was coffee and it was hot, there is not too much to complain about there. Looking back, the drink was a hint of what I should have expected for the rest of the meal. The quiche was light and egg-y, filled with red bell peppers, corn and basil, on a whole wheat crust. Yet again, it was good, but not the best I have ever had. Personally, I felt like the quiche was lacking the “oomph” that makes food exciting for me. The best part was the crispy and flavorful pear on the side.

Sadly, the banana nut waffle was even more of a letdown. The waffle was visually appealing, steaming with a pitcher full of silky maple syrup on a blue and white china plate. But once I bit into it my taste buds screamed that something was not right. In the world of taste, to make something sweet, you need salt, to make something savory, you need a sour, almost spicy element to make it pop. Pretty simple logic, right? This waffle didn’t seem to understand; it tasted like there was not a pinch of salt in the batter. The waffle was bland, pretty wimpy on the bananas, and needed massive amounts of syrup to add flavor. I went so far as to grab a salt shaker just to try and salvage the meal. I feel like the chefs must know what they are doing based on the number of customers I saw. I hope this batch of waffles was more a fluke than anything else.

Looking around at the tables next to me, I caught a glimpse of a gorgeous breakfast burrito filled with some yummy looking ingredients. After asking, I learned it was filled with eggs, beans, pieces of butternut squash, and a bunch of spices. The items in the bakery counter also looked appetizing, and once I glimpsed the lunch menu hidden behind the breakfast chalkboard, a couple of items really caught my eye. So, although my first experience at Sacred Grounds Café was less than thrilling, I am willing to give the place a second chance. Sacred Grounds Café is located at 233 N. Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 and is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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