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No matter what role you fill in this community, it’s likely you’ve had to deal with some degree of change in the past few weeks. Students and faculty are learning simultaneously how to work within a semester system that’s new to everyone. We’re adjusting to an entirely new workload and a new way of managing daily schedules. The sheer amount of newness can feel overwhelming at times, but one should not ignore the opportunities we now have to make some pretty incredible changes and adjustments on this campus.

We’ve already seen fairly significant evidence of positive change this fall semester.  In this first issue of our first semester at Principia, you’ll find a profile on the newly formed Student Senate and its role in increasing communication between the student body and the administration. You’ll also read a number of articles about the newly established Leadership Institute and its role in helping Principians work together effectively.

It’s important to remember that some degree of flexibility is required as we continue to make improvements to the daily schedule, including lunch hours and daily workload, but the good that’s going on every day should not for a moment be discounted.  It is our hope that this good is reflected more than anything else in the following pages.

It is still our aim to point out changes that may not always be serving the community well. But while we may sometimes catch ourselves complaining about a change we don’t understand or haven’t grown to appreciate about this new system, the simple fact remains that this is still Principia, a community that will forever foster growth and love, no matter how daily operations continue to evolve.

As long as we make an effort to remember what that means, we at the Pilot are convinced that this community will embrace and support positive change now and well into the future.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine, and we look forward to contributing more in the future.


Maija Baldauf and Ken Baughman