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Principia College Television, or PCTV, is an on-campus program that serves the student body and also gives broadcasting experience to students interested in the field.

Senior Lyssa Winslow, PCTV’s student content producer, said, “Last summer, I talked with my local TV station about interning for them. They were happy with the radio experience I had, but told me that I needed TV experience to get the internship. I knew we had a TV station that wasn’t used much. So when I came back to campus last fall, I asked Joan Wesman, now faculty adviser and executive producer, to support me in trying to bring a student TV news program back. Finally, after a year, we are up and running.” Programming began last week.

Students who contribute to PCTV are sectioned off into three different topics: campus events and government; arts and culture, including abroads; and sports. Within these three different topics, the students work to decide which stories to cover. The students cover the stories through “in-the-field” reporting with cameras rolling, or with pre-written scripts to be used in the studios by chosen anchors. Once the scripts have been approved and checked, the show is filmed in the studio during a two-hour block on Fridays.

“We are covering a wide range of topics, and you may learn something that you didn’t know before.” Winslow said. “It is new and exciting, and you can help support your classmates who are doing the reporting or who are being reported on. Also, we want the campus to be engaged! Like us on Facebook at PCTV News, and tell us what you want us to report on. And with today’s technology, students can even submit iPhone videos that could potentially be used in the show.”

PCTV communicates that the best way to support the program is to attend campus events and be invested in the success of the school. This allows the staff to cover interesting stories and new happenings that are making this campus even more unique.

Winslow described the goal this coming year for PCTV. “There are so many talented filmmakers and editors on campus who could use the experience before leaving Principia,” she said. “The ability to work with all the equipment we have is an incredible opportunity. If you work for a news program, it could be years before you even get to touch a camera or the teleprompter. The goal is to expand student experience beyond newspaper and radio to include TV.”

When programing began last week, it will be available not only in the concourse for viewing, but perhaps even on the new television in Davis. The staff is also considering publishing broadcasts on the Internet through YouTube.