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Do you ever wonder what your fellow Principia students do between the hours of 4:30 and 7:30? We all know varsity athletes are at practice, but what about everyone else? The truth about NARPs – Non-Athlete Regular Persons – is about to be revealed.

Many students like to spend their time being active, be it exercising, riding or boarding. Junior Nigel Graham bikes and longboards around campus. He likes the freedom of doing a variety of activities that he wouldn’t have if he were on a team. “I miss the idea of team sports,” he said. “But I don’t miss all the time it takes and commitment.”

Sophomore Daisy Davis spends her time working out in Hay as a debriefing of her day. Davis said she is either working out or sleeping. There is one thing, however, that you will definitely not find her doing. “I’m not doing homework. That’s the last thing I’m doing,” she said.

Sophomore Dani Yepes loves the idea of doing homework during this time block, but it rarely happens for her. She is part of the Netflix-watching crew. She likes to spend this time catching up on her favorite TV shows and relaxing.

Unlike Yepes, freshman Janeen Mathisen uses this time to get her homework done, so that she can have her night free. If she doesn’t have homework, she likes to write. “I’m an aspiring author. I just wrote a novel before I came to Prin; I’m looking to start another novel,” she said.

There are many students who have developed a daily routine for this 4:30 to 7:30 time period. Freshman Michael McClelland detailed his. “Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I nap and workout. Then Tuesday and Thursday, I do homework in the library.” McClelland added that he wishes he could be playing golf. “When Prin doesn’t have the sport you want, it’s tough to just throw that passion aside.”

Senior Austin Romo also has a steady schedule for this time period. “I’m relaxing in my room for a little while, then I cashier in the dining room. Then I’ll eat with friends before we break off to do homework,” he said. Romo said he does his best to avoid doing homework during this because it’s the only time he really gets to hang out with his friends. Although he isn’t doing homework, he’s doing other important things. “I feel productive in my social life. Throughout the day I’m normally cooped up in my room or in class, so it is nice to hear about what others are doing,” Romo said.

Freshman Bjorn Mathisen has a combination of activities. “I might do homework if I’m feeling productive, but usually I just sit on the computer and check Facebook,” he said. Mathisen lets his social media take up his time. He said it crosses his mind to do some programming for class while he’s on the computer, but Facebook usually wins.