The Scramble Room offers lots of different menu options. And with a little imagination, there are even more possibilities. I would like to share some of my recipes using the items that are regularly available in the Scramble Room.

Grilled Apple Chicken Salad

Make sure to pay for all your ingredients before  preparing them at your table. Don’t forget to get a steak knife to cut your apple and chicken breast.

1                   Apple – Sliced and grilled (on the panini grill)

1                   Chilled Grilled Chicken Breast – sliced thin (available from the grill)

1      Large plastic salad bowl of salad greens – 1/2 filled (Choose your favorite)

4                  Cucumbers slices (cut in half)

¼ cup                  Blue cheese or Cheddar

Other Options

2 pieces chopped bacon (ask for it at the grill)

Sliced onions

Sunflower seeds

Craisins or raisins

  1. Slice the chicken into 8 – 10 strips
  2. Slice the apple into 8 – 10 sections and grill on the panini grill until the apples are caramelized
  3. Arrange on the bed of lettuce with the chicken, and cucumbers
  4. Crumble the cheese over everything and drizzle the dressing over the salad


2 Tbs olive oil in a salad bowl

1 pkg honey

1 Tbs vinegar (Place with the oil in the bowl so it can be weighed at the register)

1 Tbs mayo (Optional to make creamy)

Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Whisk all ingredients together using a fork.