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Dear editor,

I wanted to comment on the Letter to the Editor by Tim Dixon that appeared in the April edition of the Pilot.

Mr. Dixon says that the response of the college last spring to cases involving drug dealing and theft was “shocking” because the college “took a hard line with the wrongdoers and worked with local police.”  He then goes on to discuss Principia’s rule-making, ending with the statement that “Principia MUST give up the notion that their rules define right and wrong.  God tells us what is right and wrong and students can be trusted to make use of this line of communication.”

We should remember that the People of the State of Illinois, not Principia, have made the rules that say dealing in drugs and theft is wrong.  Not only Principia, but society considers these to be serious offenses, and most colleges throughout the country would work with local police on cases involving these offenses.

Colin Treworgy
Principia College ’74