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“We’re so excited to visit your beautiful college and put on a good show,” The Brighton Boys drummer Tyler Marinkovic said. Marinkovic was accompanied by bandmates Alex Bobin (lead vocalist), Nate Catanzarite (bassist), and Carl Leitem (guitarist) on stage to performed songs from their first album Love Sentence, and various covers in Principia College’s Holt Gallery on December 3rd.
With beginnings akin to the quintessential American garage band set in suburbia, self- taught musicians Bobin, Leitem, and Marinkovic formed their nameless band as teenagers in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until Tyler’s mother jokingly insisted that the young musicians call their band The Brighton Boys that they decided on a name for themselves.

“Most people are in disbelief when we say that our first show was at Applebee’s…. We played there once a week for a while,” Marinkovic said. However, it wasn’t long before other restaurants and bars in the area were asking them to perform. It was then that The Brighton Boys established their status as “the best band in the region.”  
In the four years since graduating high school and becoming full-time musicians, The Brighton Boys added Catanzarite to the band and began to write and produce their own music. The group released their first EP, MMXV, on New Year’s Day in 2015 which featured four songs written by frontrunner Bobbin. Eighteen months later the boy band released their first album titled Love Sentence. With songs such as ‘59 Ford, Love & Pray and California, the group’s style is quite eclectic. Ranging from pop, to rock, to punk, to soul, listeners will recognize multiple influences in The Brighton Boys’ albums and singles. On the band’s YouTube page, viewers enjoy the musicians’ covers of songs like Closer by The Chainsmokers to Santeria by Sublime.
Inspired by everyday life, songwriter and lyricist Bobin is known to write songs like stories. Marinkovic described his best friend as an “author who writes dozens of songs instead of books.” If they are not busy performing four gigs a week, the band is in the studio or working on expanding their market – which brings them to Principia College! “Our peak season is summer,” explained Marinkovic. As school began for hundreds of universities and colleges in the fall, it made sense for the band to focus on the college market next. “We’ve expanded our reach nationally and have attributed a lot of that growth through word-of-mouth communication and social media,” Marinkovic exclaimed. “We love our fans.”
Who knows where The Brighton Boys will be in five years? Maybe sharing a stage with Bruno Mars at Coachella. Needless to say, The Brighton Boys will be happy as long as they are doing what they love – making music and sharing their experience with fans. Rock on.