There are a few updates of importance that were recently decided. The faculty and administration came together in order to decide the best way to allocate new faculty positions. The administration announced before Thanksgiving break which faculty positions it would fill, after receiving input from a faculty committee. According to Scott Schneberger, “The Faculty Leadership Team…established, last Spring, the criteria for making program allocation decisions.” As noted in the official announcement sent out by the deans:

1. There will be postings for positions in Computer Science and Economics.

2. The College Organist wil be posted as a half-time position.

3. There will be postings to hire up to two multidisciplinary faculty.  Each will have expertise in two or more of the following six areas:  Art History;  English Non-Western;  French;  History Non-Western;  Mass Communication Video/Film Studies; Music.

4. The four current open positions that support the Teaching and Learning Center will be filled for next year.

5. Depending on the hires made, unused funding may be used for visiting faculty to supplement academic programs.