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Spring has sprung, and student government elections have taken place. On April 4, two worthy pairs of candidates vied for the positions of student body president and vice president. As reported, juniors Susie Bonwich and Kendall Shoemake will serve in those respective roles next school year. Both Bonwich and Shoemake have previously served on Student Senate.

What would we, the Pilot editors, like to see from Bonwich, Shoemake and the rest of student government next year? Offered in the spirit of support, here’s our proposed agenda.

1. A better budget. Isn’t this always the case in politics? This school year, student government spent the majority of funds on house gifts and paying student workers. Do we really want a government that gives out gifts, undermining its ability to spend its budget on other important needs? Sure, the gifts were meant to be kind and unselfish, but houses can fend for themselves. Student government should benefit the campus as a whole, should it not? And about student wages. Wages should be paid from Human Resources, not the student activities fund.

2. Meal plan improvements. The store account should be relinked to the everything-but-the-store account. Yes, we can pay taxes in the store if necessary, but we should be able to buy anything from the dining room, pub, bookstore, or store and put it all on our ID cards in one account. We are aware, according to posted signage, that there are new options for the meal plan, but students haven’t been informed about the details.

3. Tangible results. We understand there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on. Lots of meetings occur, and lots of talk happens. We just would like to see more of the walk, not just the talk. And by walk, we don’t mean on a leash with the administration at the other end.

4. Transparency. Many students don’t seem to know what student government actually does. Is that because it isn’t open enough about its activities? Or because not much gets done? We have appreciated the Senate videos, but it’d be nice to hear about student government accomplishments in those videos as opposed to just what the week’s events and metaphysical theme are. A website that is actually easy to find and regularly updated seems a simple way to inform the student body of all the work that gets done.

5. Integrity. Student government, don’t just be a mouthpiece for the administration. Truly and actively respond to what students want. That’s what all of you were elected to do.

6. In our dreams: more doughnuts, HBO on every campus TV, no classes on Fridays.