Pilot’s Perspective 4.30.10

Many thanks to those of you who wrote to us to challenge our scant reporting of the circumstances that led to Craig Savoye’s departure from Principia. The Pilot is bound by legal contracts signed by the Principia Corporation. We could have done a better job of making this legal restriction clear. In the case of this story, such a legal agreement limited us to the few words we printed on the matter. We apologize to those of you for whom this coverage is unsatisfactory. We continue to do our best to bring you balanced and comprehensive coverage of significant events at Principia. I encourage those of you who are interested to seek answers for yourselves and fact-check as best you can.

Cooking Up Inspiration

Guitarist Alex Cook is the sort of artist whose life moves with the tides of ideas and inspiration. Last week he graced Principia with music in the Pub, prayerful thoughts on creativity during a Quiet Time talk in Sylvester, and wisdom for artists of any kind. Although based in Boston, he tours with his paintbrush and guitar. Most recently, Cook has been writing what he calls “God songs” and performing at churches and house concerts on both coasts.

Ostracism, Judgment Denounced

A while back, I had a conversation with a few peers about problems we were seeing within both the Principia College community and the greater Christian Science community. The leading topic of conversation was judgment. We were all in agreement that we had felt judged or were at the risk of being judged harshly by our close community.

Principia Tennis Finishes Season

The men’s and women’s tennis teams of the 2010 season are a group of energetic, motivated athletes with a passion for the game. As their season concludes, meet some of the players and learn about their triumphs.